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Jang Sun-ok

Jang Sun-ok

Born on January 19, 1918

Address: 741-116 Sangwangsimni-jeong, Gyeongsung-bu

Graduated from Cheonggye School

Graduated from Jangyeon Public Primary School

Graduated from Pyeongyang Public Girls’ High School

Served as a teacher at a Catholic management school

Married Park Sang-cil in 1936

Baptized in 1938 and joined the Deungdaesa

Arrested on June 29, 1939

First trial decision made on July 14, 1942

Sentenced to three years of imprisonment; 400 days served before the verdict included

Made an appeal on July 18, 1942

Withdrew an appeal on February 8, 1943

Transferred to the “protective custody” camp in Cheongju after serving her sentence

Released on August 16, 1945

Died on March 19, 2012

Interrogation at Dongdaemun police station, June 27, 1940

Q: Do you believe that the Kingdom of God is coming on earth?

A: Yes, I’m convinced.

Q: Are you determined to believe in God and to serve him throughout your entire lifetime?

A: Yes, I want to be God’s servant until the end without stopping.

Q: You mean that, for the sake of God, you don’t think of your parents, husband, and children?

A: No, my faith is certain.

Q: Don’t you feel that the Bible contains contradictions?

A: I don’t think so. To believe so would be at the risk of my very own life.

Third hearing at the Gyeongseong District Court, June 17, 1942

Q: The defendant still believes the doctrines of the Deungdaesa?

A: Yes.

(Jang, June 27, 2003)

“While I was preparing breakfast in the early morning of June 29, two detectives came and
inquired about a person named Jang Sun-ok. When I replied, ‘That’s me,’ they asked me to bring them the bag I use for the ministry. Then they just took me away… Since my husband followed me to see what was happening, and he also had an acquaintance in the police station, he was arrested too.

“How many times were you interrogated during the time you were incarcerated?”

“Every single day they called me out of my cell and tormented me, asking if I had changed my mind.”

“Every day for an entire year?”

“Yes, every day I was interrogated.”

Entering the bathroom, I heard over the radio in the camp commandant’s office the news that the imperial army had fought well, as if they were practicing it. Then I knew it was now liberation, and Japan had lost the war. In the meantime, the instructor for tailoring came and told us that we were going to be released and that Japan was defeated.”


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